Luis Laca, P.E.



A skilled and diligent Civil Engineer with four years of specialized experience in forensic engineering, adept at investigating, analyzing, and resolving structural issues. Proficient in a spectrum of disciplines, including design engineering, non-destructive testing, corrosion studies, and drone inspections. Known for leveraging advanced methodologies in forensic investigations, utilizing both traditional and innovative techniques to gather and analyze data. Possesses a comprehensive understanding of structural integrity, design principles, and the application of cutting-edge technology, delivering precise and insightful reports to facilitate informed decision-making and effective problem resolution.

Luis has demonstrated excellence in overseeing intricate projects, ensuring regulatory adherence, and providing economical solutions. His experience assessing deficiencies in large and complex structures will support FEC’s property loss response. Armed with robust bilingual communication skills and OSHA certification, he is well-equipped to tackle upcoming challenges.

And here’s an interesting tidbit about Luis—he’s not just passionate about engineering; he’s also an avid soccer fan! Specifically, Luis is a devoted supporter of Team Real Madrid.





Featured Experience

Structure Integrity Evaluation – Ft. Lauderdale FPL Powerplant
inspecting a key concrete structure vital to the infrastructure. The primary objective was to assess and ensure the structural integrity of the concrete elements while identifying and addressing any corrosion-related issues that could compromise the facility’s long-term performance and safety.

Design – Ocean Bay Club Condominium
Design a roof system, ensuring it meets building codes, safety standards, and energy efficiency requirements.

Structure Integrity and Corrosion Study – Trump Plaza West Palm Beach.
assessing the integrity of the fifth-floor concrete pool deck and pools within the condominium. Conducted in-depth inspections using non-destructive testing methods, evaluated structural conditions, and provided comprehensive recommendations to ensure safety and longevity.

Concrete Restoration Project – The Royal Ambassador
Detailed inspections of 214 residential units, pool deck, garage, and exterior walls within the property. utilizing advanced inspection techniques to detect and analyze issues affecting the concrete structures’ integrity.

Concrete Restoration Project – Coral Ridge Towers South
Responsible for meticulously inspecting 337 residential units, assessing concrete structures for signs of deterioration, identifying weaknesses, and documenting the findings.

Structure Integrity – The Boca Raton
Inspection of a 5-story garage structure, analyzing concrete elements for any defects, cracks, spalling, or signs of structural compromise.

Design – Sea and Air Towers
Develop a new seawall design while assessing the integrity of the existing walls and foundations for enhanced structural stability.